Rebekah Mynster (Daniel & Karen's neighbor!)(non-registered)
I am so thrilled that you shared this with me! They are so lovely I have looked at them over and over. Keep up the amazing work! I love them!
Jonathan Reeser(non-registered)
Hi Dick,

Beautiful photographs. Although I enjoyed them all, it seems to me that you have a nice eye for interesting architectural (and natural) patterns. How neat it is that you are becoming an accomplished photographer after a career as an accomplished microscopist!


Jon (& Nandita)
Brad Mathews B.Franklin Jewelers(non-registered)
Thank you for adding Bennie (are you a robber) to your collection. We are honored to be part of your beautiful work. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Florida.
Ann Leighton-Schleppi(non-registered)
Excellent work. Really enjoyed the snow nature pictures.
Glad that you are enjoying your retirement.
Jim Mirick(non-registered)
Very very nice work, Dick. I am jealous! Your eye for form and sweep of shape were always very good and you have only improved over the years.
These are beautiful and such a triumph of nature and the ancient ones.
Bill H.(non-registered)
Dick, the photos are fantastic! Excellent work - if my pictures were so good, I would get a new camera!


danièle Schiffmann(non-registered)
i have been there but you show it even more beautifull than what i saw

great great i am happy you will make us happy with your art

thanks dick

love danièle
Carol Schumacher(non-registered)
Great Pictures!!! Looks like you are starting retirement with a mission.
Good for you and congratulations. We hope you have many, many years of taking
these great pictures, and logging fantastic memories along your journey.

Richard and I wish you the best......Love to you and Yvonne,
Carol & Richard Schumacher
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